IV International Competition for Young Opera Directors


IV International Competition for Young Opera Directors



  1. The international competition for young opera directors is organised and promoted by Moscow City Music Theatre “Helikon-Opera” under Dmitry Bertman and the Department for Culture of the city of Moscow  once in two years (started in 2013).
  2. Competition gives an opportunity to young opera directors to prove themselves working with professional actors using new theatre technologies. The main tasks of the NANO-OPERA competition – to enliven traditional Russian opera theatre and to find  new ways for organic integration of modern technologies into the opera.
  3. In the program there are short opera scenes and a strictly limited  time to stage them, adequate to  the requirements of modern stage directing. Stage design for the competitive works should be made in the style of minimalism and limited to video projections.

*The program includes scenes from the operas, that are  rarely on the opera stages. Participants must choose  one aria, one duet and one massive scene from the list.

  1. Information about the competition is published on the www.helikon.ru and nano-opera.ru not later than October 22, 2018.
  2. The age limit for the participants is 40 years old, regardless citizenship, but with higher education,  confirmed by the Diploma.
  3. The participants and the winners of the previous competitions Nano-Opera are accepted to take part in Nano-Opera 2019.
  4. In the NANO-OPERA competition there are 4 rounds.  For the selection round  the perspective members produce the explication of one opera scene (any opera scene) of the world classic opera repertoire; it must be 2 pages of typed text made preferably in two languages – Russian and English.  Explication should be sent to the  nanoopera@mail.com not later than April 1, 2019. The Jury decision will be published on nano-opera.ru and www.helikon.ru not later than May 1 , 2019. Explications are not edited or returned back to the senders.
    Those who were selected through the e-net are supposed to arrive to the Helikon-opera from May 20 to 24, 2019.

*With the explication, contestants should send the filled in application form. This form, sighed by a contestant, will become a certificate of consent with all the conditions.

  1. The allotment of those passed through to the  1st  round, will be held on May 20, 2019 in “Shakhovskaya” White-Column Hall of Helikon-Opera.
  2. The 1st, the 2nd and the 3d rounds  will be held on the stage of “Shakhovskaya” White-Column Hall of Helikon-Opera  in public. At the 1st  round  (May 21, 2019) the participants will work with the  soloists of  Helikon-Opera staging one opera aria, chosen from the list attached. At the 2nd round  (May 22 , 2019) the participants of NANO-OPERA project will  work with the soloists over the duets. At the 3d round the finalists are working with the soloists and the choir of  Helikon-Opera making the mass scene. The 1st, the 2nd and 3d rounds are accompanied by the piano.Theatre offers the sets of minimal stage design as scenography. The soloists, choir and directors work in the special rehearsal t-shirts with the Nano-opera logo. Working languages of the contest are Russian and English.
  1. International Jury of NANO-OPERA competition includes opera and drama directors, intendants of Russian and Foreign opera theatres headed by the Chairman of the Jury –  General and Artistic Director  of Helikon-Opera, People’s  Artist of Russia, professor Dmitry Bertman.  The Jury’s decision  is final.
  2. Media Jury, consisting of the leading musical critics of the country, awards with their own prizes the participants, independent from the professional Jury.
  3. The International Jury’s decision  is final.
  4. The awarding ceremony and Gala-concert will be held on May 24, 19.00 in the Helikon-Opera theatre in “Stravinsky” Hall.

In the Gala-concert the winners will present their works out of those shown during the 2nd and the 3d tours (the choice of Jury), accompanied by the orchestra of Helikon-Opera. Before the Gala concert there will be held a dress-rehearsal. All the winners, participants and the members of the Jury and Media Jury will get the memorial gifts and diplomas.

  1. The hotel expenses for the  participants who  passed through to the  1nd round  will be paid by the Nano-Opera competition from 20 to 25 May, 2019. All the expenses on the flight to Moscow and back must covered by the participants.

The theatre provides all foreign participants of the competition with  visa support via the Russian Foreign Ministry to guarantee the obtainment of Russian entry visas. Visa fees are not refundable.

The participants will not  receive any payment for their performance at the competition or for any later use of the recordings and broadcasts of these performances. “Helikon-Opera” has exclusive rights to sell the audio video recordings and transmit the competition auditions and the final Gala concert.

  1. In the event of any dispute in the interpretation of these terms and conditions, the correct text is considered to be Russian.
  2. The programme of the competition includes the scenes from rarely performed on the opera scenes compositions, including those that are performed only in Helikon-Opera. Participants choose from the list of proposed one aria, one duet and one mass scene.

1. The questionnaire  – published on October 22, 2018
2. The list of documents, including for obtaining a Russian visa –  published on October 22, 2018.
3. The list of contest works will be published on October 25, 2018.


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